Monday, April 2, 2012

Ivy, of the non-poisonous kind.

My new place is amazing and I've been spending any extra time I have decorating, re-decorating, painting, gardening and sending photos to my trustworthy design-type friends for suggestions.

Today, I spent a few too many hours attempting to pull overgrown ivy out of our yard.  Ivy and I have met before.  I'm no stranger.  But I forgot how scary she can be.  Like little snakes whose tails have a secret end you won't find unless you use all your strength.

I caught myself talking to the green monster.  Directly.  Pleading she didn't have hidden bugs (especially Black Widows that my brother has now made me scared of) and/or any other wiggly creature that might surprise me.

The best moment of the day was my rake taking a fall and shocking me so much, I jumped about 2 feet in the air and proceeded to run directly inside the house.

I had no idea gardening non-guerrilla-style would be so stressful.

Thanks, guy.

A friend texted me from Trader Joe's and asked what kind of beer I'd like. I told her anything but IPA and to just surprise me. Since she's not well versed in the beer world, she decided to ask a trusty Trader Joe's employee.

Then I received this photo and it just said, "Magic 6 pack. Handpicked just for you by this guy."