Thursday, May 14, 2015

My Mom Would Be Proud

A dog can teach a human a lot of lessons.

For example:
Pick up after yourself. (Or your belongings will be chewed.)
Don't over stay your welcome at a party. (Or your most expensive belongings will be chewed.)
If you have expressive eyebrows and a cute face, forgiveness is easy.

We have a hose in our backyard I have now repaired three times because I haven't learned these important lessons. Ms. June loves the challenge of chewing through what is supposed to be an industrial, indestructible hose.

Today, after I turned the hose on and received an unexpected shower directly in my face, I begrudgingly went to the shed to gather tools to repair it once again.  As I tried to remove the plastic connector from the torn hose, I was impressed with how well I had installed it last time June was left home alone for too long.

No matter how hard I pulled and twisted, I couldn't get it out. I tried cutting little slits in the hose to make it loose so I might be able to pull easier. This seemed to work, but my fingers couldn't quite hold on to the cut pieces to tear them further down. 

So I used my teeth. 

As I started pulling and biting at the hose, I realized there was a thin strip of see-through yellow rubber running the length of the hose and it seemed to be easier to tear than the rest. I caught myself feeling excited about this discovery and started to bite and tug harder, concentrating on the yellow strip.

Then I realized I was pretty much my dog. 

And I had a new appreciation and even acceptance for what she does to entertain herself while I'm gone.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Judging Too Soon

I was standing in line at Target today watching a little girl pick up each individual candy bar at the check out and say to her mom, "What about THIS one?"

Her mom was slightly annoyed and mostly ignored her, saying no or shaking her head at every other one or two. At the same time, mom was head down in her phone -- texting or Facebooking or researching nuclear energy -- who knows.

I caught myself being a little judgmental of the mom for ignoring her daughter and not interacting with the checkout person.

I also am not a mom who has been asked 1, 257 times "Can I have this?" So I tried to mind my own business and wait for my turn.

As mom and daughter walked away, I watched the mom try to squeeze her cart by a man in front of her and as he turned around she was sort of startled and said, "Oh, it's you. Do you run at the Y?"

He was confused, furrowed his brow and said, "Yeah."

The mom smiled and said, "You inspire me. Always running, always working hard. I wish I worked that hard."

She walked away before he could respond and I watched as he tried to hide his smile under his blushing cheeks.