Friday, February 24, 2012

For Keeps

I'm still on the moving train and it truly has been a ride of sorts.  Sifting through clutter and memories and dust. As items make their way into boxes, I've been noticing how much technology is effecting things we keep.

iTunes has replaced the 200 CD cases taking up a spot in my garage.

My iPad is beginning to replace my leather portfolio of past work.
My phone and my computer trying to replace stacks of photo scrapbooks.

In the motion and whirlwind of packing, those items find their places in a box quickly and I move to the next pile of crap needing a home.  But the scrapbooks are the only items that force me to slow down. To sit and reflect. To smile.

I like that.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


I spent most of the weekend packing, aka throwing things away.  It's pretty amazing what one human being can accumulate in 8 years. I won't pretend there's anything fun about packing up an entire apartment, but I did realize I need to brush the dust off some things and start enjoying what I have. 

Hopefully in the next year, I'll:
Have more picnics.
Throw a few fondue parties.
Go scuba diving.
Make frozen margaritas.
Invite people over for espresso.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Hugs for Strangers

I worked at Bolivar Cafe until closing today and walked out with a nice old man who'd been working most of the afternoon.  As we started to cross the street together he asked, "I'm curious, why do you work here, in a coffee a shop, instead of an office?"

I explained what I was working on and then asked him the same.  He explained his wife had just passed away a few weeks ago and it was good for him to be in a place where people come and go, even if they were strangers.  Otherwise, he'd be pretty lonely at home.

My heart nearly melted on the sidewalk.

We chatted a little longer and went our separate ways.  I spent the rest of my walk home regretting not offering him a hug, but also convincing myself I didn't have much to be sad about.