Monday, February 6, 2012

Hugs for Strangers

I worked at Bolivar Cafe until closing today and walked out with a nice old man who'd been working most of the afternoon.  As we started to cross the street together he asked, "I'm curious, why do you work here, in a coffee a shop, instead of an office?"

I explained what I was working on and then asked him the same.  He explained his wife had just passed away a few weeks ago and it was good for him to be in a place where people come and go, even if they were strangers.  Otherwise, he'd be pretty lonely at home.

My heart nearly melted on the sidewalk.

We chatted a little longer and went our separate ways.  I spent the rest of my walk home regretting not offering him a hug, but also convincing myself I didn't have much to be sad about.

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