Sunday, November 6, 2011


I went on a blind date tonight and knew with in about 2 minutes of meeting him that it was going to be a long, uncomfortable glass of wine.

After we found a table, I noticed two women sitting close by had already spotted I was on a first date.  I was embarrassed at first, but then thought of the many times I had been a spy, just like them.

I made it through my glass of wine and politely explained I had a movie to catch and needed to run.  By now, my two lady spies had moved inside from the rain and I headed down the Promenade to see if, indeed, there was a movie I'd like to see.

After my stroll, no potential movies and not being able to find my car -- I ran into the spies at the parking machine.  They were in front of me and I had my head buried in my phone looking up other movie options.

One of them turned around and said, "It's you!"  She grabbed her friend and spun her around and said, "Look! It's her."  "How was your date?!"

I smiled with pouty eyes and said, "Awful."

She immediately grabbed me and gave me a hug.  A real hug.
"Oh, I'm so sorry sweetheart."

They explained they had been watching most of the time and realized pretty quickly it wasn't going well.

"We spent the rest of the evening going through our rolodex of friends trying to come up with someone to introduce you to.  You seemed so sweet and cute.  I mean, you stuck it out for the date, most girls wouldn't do that."

(Do people REALLY just get up from an unsuccessful date and leave?)

We joked for a bit and they wished me luck in the black hole that is dating in Los Angeles and we went our separate ways.

Made my day.

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