Sunday, August 30, 2009


I was on the bike path in Santa Monica today and stopped for a sip of water and a rest. A cute boy in a yellow bathing suit caught my eye as he stopped in the middle of the path and started making a slow down motion with his hands at bikers coming through.

He just stopped in the path and kept doing it. Sadly enough, I was so focused on his broad chest and perfectly placed tattoos, that I didn't see the whole picture. I couldn't understand why he would arbitrarily slow people down.

Then I noticed the two ladies next to him. It was a woman about 60 years old helping another woman about 80 years old cross to the beach. She was moving slow, but she was making it.

His action was so subtle and seemed so natural. After he was sure the women had cleared the path, he went on his way and they didn't even make eye contact.

Cute, local, tall, surprisingly considerate....too bad I didn't say hello.

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