Monday, November 23, 2009

Its Fun To Be In Charge

We hosted the Beverly Hills Lighting Ceremony this weekend and I had a moment that is still lingering with me today. Sort of in the pit of my stomach, just stewing.

There were balloon artists.
There were insanely long lines.
And a woman with two 10 year old girls and a crazy-eyed rat woman.

As I came over to shut the line down so we could open the street back up for traffic, said woman started yelling at me about "older child discrimination" and that the balloon artist was partial to younger children and let them cut the line.

I wish I had recorded our interaction. She was one of the most entitled people I've ever met. She continued to throw a fit while I mustered up every ounce of Disney-trained customer service tricks I had left in my sleep-deprived, aching body. I offered her apologies and free trinkets as she gave me tips on how to better run a company and to LET Santa get mauled by children because "if you're going to volunteer to be Santa, you're gonna have to learn to take it." She made me write down my name and my boss's contact info so she could make sure "people like me get a talking to."

The two 10 year old girls were on the entitlement train as well. One of them pointed her finger at me while she cocked her head back and forth explaining that "she came to have a good time and it was ridiculous that the event was being run by inexperienced people." Her cohort crossed her arms, glared at me and vigorously tapped her foot.

I'm pretty sure I had steam coming out of my ears...but mostly I was in awe of these people. WHO ARE YOU?!

As I walked away in shock and frustration, a woman walked by with a child completely passed out in her arms. She came right up to me and said, "That was the best event I've ever been to in my entire life. You guys did such an amazing job. Seriously, just wonderful. Thank you so much."

That woman and her sleeping child saved the lives of two Beverly Hills women who could have gone home with black eyes and aching shins. And she completely made my night.

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