Thursday, February 24, 2011


As you may or may not know, I'm involved in some causes.  Some good causes.  Like LA Guerrilla Gardening, The Do Good Bus and Friends of El Faro.

But today I really got to be a part of something.  Something good.  Awe-inspiring.

I have two friends who have been trying to adopt a teenager from an orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico for over 4 years.  They've hit every possible roadblock along the way and have shared their story and their frustration with friends, family and strangers.  Regardless if you hear the short version or know every detail of their journey -- it's maddening to think that two people who are trying so hard to help a teenager in need of a family, continue to be slowed down by red tape, absent judges, new laws, cultural divide, fees and more fees.

Enter: awe-inspiring.

In two weeks their teenager will have a birthday that will make her "too old" for adoption.  Which means the Mexican government has 14 days to sign off on an adoption that has been in the system for 4 years.  That's over 1500 days their teenager has remained in the orphanage.  Waiting.  Wondering if it was all a lie.

Today, myself and another friend of the couple were meant to testify in front of the judge.  To prove they were capable, responsible and loving parents.  The judge would also speak to their teenager one last time: the FINAL step.

As we all stood in the lobby, dressed our best and sharing nervous smiles, the lawyer came over to explain something in Spanish.  I tried my best to understand and knew the only word my friends could hear was: mañana, mañana, mañana.
I looked over at my friends as my heart sank to my feet.  I expected nothing less than to see one of them collapsing to the floor in tears and just pure exhaustion.  But even with sad eyes, they both put on a smile and tried to understand as it was translated to English.  The judge wasn't here for their appointment.  Their witnesses could testify, but their teenager would have to come back tomorrow to meet with the judge.  No exceptions.

Standing in the courthouse with my friends, watching "Mama" at the orphanage cry and seeing this lovely teenage girl was all so inspiring.  And I'm so honored that I could be a very, very small part of bringing Ruth home.

People are good.  They really are.  And I know two of the good-est out there.

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