Monday, May 23, 2011


Went to the Amoeba in-store performance for Foster The People and was waiting in front for some friends to show up.  As they walked up and the security guard was letting them in, I felt slightly nervous.  The whole bouncer/security situation makes me feel like a little kid breaking the rules sometimes.  I'm always slightly scared they won't let me in or will be rude or I'll get sent to the back of line.

Issues.  I know.

As the guard lifted the rope for my friend (with his 3 year-old in tow), he looked right at the kid and said, "What's up little guy? Do you need to go to the bathroom?"  My friend responded, "No, we just went."

The guard smiled, "Are you sure?  I've seen that face on my kids before, that's the I-gotta-go face.  I can let you in the staff bathroom right here.  It's no problem."

My friend took him up on the offer.  (And it was a good thing he did.)

I was just glad to see a bouncer-type have a little heart

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