Thursday, May 19, 2011

La Fin

Went to The Pint tonight and added it to my list of reasons maybe I SHOULDN'T move from the Westside.

I walked up to the bar and noticed there was a guy waiting on the other side and he nervously eyed me and then the bartender.  I could tell he thought I might get served first even though he'd clearly been waiting.  (Which could have been the case, really.  This IS a bar where the bartender knows my name.  Yessss.)

However, she went to him first and then took my order.  I watched as she placed what seemed to be MY bottle in front of him: the large version of La Fin Du Monde.  Delish.  As she turned the bottle I noticed it was actually Maudite -- made by the same brewery, just a different flavor.

She asked, "How many glasses?"
He put up his first finger and shyly smiled, "Just one."

She walked over to me and placed my very similar bottle in front of me and asked the same question.
I answered, with my finger in the air and a quick roll of the eyes, "Just one."

She looked back and forth and said, "You guys are made for each other!"

I smiled at him and he gave me a half-assed grin as I had a small moment of sunshine.

At the end of the night as I closed my tab, my trusty bartender said, "Did that guy come talk to you?!  I told him you were single."

Nah, he didn't.

Doesn't he know it's almost The End of the World (La Fin Du Monde)

and he'll be Dammed (Maudite) soon so he should have just said hello?!

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  1. Wait - you're contemplating moving from the west side?