Wednesday, July 20, 2011

These Boots Are Made For Walking

I went to Mindshare LA tonight to talk about the Do Good Bus and had such a great experience.  It's the first networking event I've been to that didn't have the awkward moments, the long explanations of why I should invest in someone's film, etc.

They also had some really cool projects on display including a ping pong table that rocks back and forth by Synn Labs and the Leisure Listening Lounge by Super Tall Paul.

As I sat down in the listening lounge and grabbed my very own pair of headphones (next to the 12 other people sitting in a U-shape in front of Super Tall Paul), I couldn't wait to see what he'd play for us.  We were literally sitting in the middle of this event with people chatting and sipping on beer -- but our little group of twelve had our very own private concert.

Super Tall Paul played everything and looped it (similar to Jon Brion) and made jokes in between.  I was giddy when I realized he was doing a cover of These Boots Are Made For Walking.  Most definitely a favorite.  And it added to may already "high on life" evening.

Yay, L.A.

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