Saturday, March 3, 2012


I spent some time volunteering today at MEND in Pacoima -- a non-profit we've visited quite a bit with the Do Good Bus.

We actually had a holiday visit this past December where we took family photos for some of their clients. One of the couples we photographed was getting married the following weekend and wanted some pre-wedding photos. When we arrived, we found out the couple didn't have a ride to MEND and luckily, we had brought an extra car with the bus.

I ended up giving them a ride to and from MEND and loved the opportunity to get to know them a little bit along the way.

Today, as I was chatting with Luke, one of the managers at MEND, I found out one of the photographers who joined us last trip offered to shoot the couple's wedding for them at no cost. I had no idea he had done this and was blown away by his kindness.  The couple had even sent the final pictures to Luke so I was able to see photos of the happy couple from their wedding day.

As Luke and I scrolled through the images we both couldn't help but think of the dozens of weddings we've attended that, naturally, had photographers. In fact, I would dare say EVERY wedding I've attended had a photographer.  And then we both realized this couple wouldn't have had beautiful photos of starting their life together if a young man hadn't thought to offer his time.


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