Friday, March 2, 2012

Welcome To The Neighborhood

After an intimate evening with IKEA, building and cursing all night, I made my first trip to our new local grocery store.  I pulled up to an almost empty parking lot and headed in with my head down shuffling through my purse.  I suddenly heard someone yelling, "Security guard, security guard! It's THAT woman, right there, it's her."

It didn't alarm me.  In fact, I barely looked up to see what was happening...just assumed someone had done something wrong.  A fleeting thought entered my mind that our new neighborhood was a little shady.  But I rolled my eyes, sort of half grinned and thought, "Oh well."

The lady who seemed to be accused of something had now stopped in her tracks and was looking back at the door.  The security guard was swiftly heading toward her with an outstretched arm and a mile-long receipt.

"Mam, mam. You forgot your $5 coupon."

My half grin turned into a full smile and I immediately knew I liked my new neighborhood.

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