Friday, November 1, 2013

34 Reasons The Last 365 Days Were Pretty Great

When I started this post on 11/1/13, I had intentions of making a list of 34 reasons. Cause, ya know, that's clever.  I was turning 34. But after 6 months, I would like to retitle this post:

14 Reasons The Last 365 Days Were Pretty Great

  1. I actually started making a quilt.  Something I've been meaning to do for way too long.
  2. Discovered what this whole CrossFit craze is.  
  3. My brother and I got another pup.
  4. At Christmas, we thought it was a good idea to adopt a new dog, foster a puppy and foster a kitten for a few days.
  5. Ms. Rita Grindle and I spent 8 hours in a bar in NYC.  On purpose.
  6. I spent another week in Monteagle, TN transcribing love letters from the turn of the century.
  7. I took time to rest. Finally.
  8. For the first time in 27 years, all my dad's children were in one room.
  9. Turns out the pups don't like each other.  But I got to meet Cesar Milan.
  10. I met a boy.  A really cute boy.
  11. I did a real pull up. This is a big deal, people.
  12. I flew in a super small plane.
  13. I expanded my business.
  14. I officiated a wedding. 

Happy Birthday to me.

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