Monday, January 9, 2017

Dessert first!

Zach and I went to Paso Robles for our honeymoon - to relax, drink wine and, ahem, check out airplane stuff.

One such stuffs was a monthly dinner at the Estrella Warbird Museum where Zach and I were the guests of a German World War II pilot and his lovely wife. In addition to being the only newly weds, we were also the only people under 55.

There were smiles and handshakes and glasses of wine. Next to registration was an 8 ft table with pre-sliced chocolate cake that I quickly learned was imperative to grab BEFORE finding your seat. There wasn't an obvious rush to the cake table, but I watched as peopled eyed the servers loading it with cake as they abruptly finished conversations to swing by the table and stake their claim.

As we all took our seats and waited to hear which table would be called first to the dinner buffet line, I smiled as I looked around seeing everyone eating their cake like an appetizer.

Tis true: the older you get, the wiser you become.

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