Sunday, September 26, 2010

Question Everything

In college, there was a wall I passed everyday where someone had spray painted: Question Everything.  And directly underneath it, someone else had written: Why?.

I realize a version of that graffiti is probably on every campus wall.  And in someways, it's almost as common as
For A Good Time Call [insert your ex-girlfriend's phone number].

But, man, it's so true.

On a two hour flight today, I had a conversation with a complete stranger and it was so refreshing.  Every answer I gave, he had a follow up question.  And then another and another.  Turns out he's a philosophy teacher, so I suppose the questioning is second nature. But my mind is still running in circles and zig zags from our conversation.

Just for fun, I'll give you a question to run with.  The same one he gave me:

Do you think you can CHOOSE to believe in something?

Annnnnd, go.


  1. this is a tricky one, and I guess after talking to the guy I realized that I don't know the answer to it. since it's not easy to answer, i think the best answer for me is allow it the honor of being unknowable. I think maybe by his questions, that was what he was getting at... that there are certain opinions or beliefs we might have about things that are actually not knowable at all.