Friday, September 10, 2010

Read it again and again

I can't remember the last time I quoted a bible verse.  Probably in high school when I was still sussing the whole thing out.

But last night I watched (via video feed from FL) a memorial service for a 5-year-old little girl from my church at home.

 can't erase it from my mind.

I connected to it because it was home.  

Because her favorite song was ABC by the Jackson 5
and she loved to dance.  
Because there were familiar faces
and spaces
and a community holding up a family who shouldn't have the strength to stand.

The pastor who gave the sermon is someone my age.  Someone I remember being an awkward high school student with.  And he's actually the uncle of this little girl.  He said the following words with strength and without a tear and it made me want to call everyone I love and tell them so.  Because we never say it enough.

"Blessed are those who mourn. [Matthew 5:4] -- Seems like that is exactly NOT how it is.  But read it again and again and again if you have to.  Those who mourn do so because they feel loss and loss is not felt by those who are not first blessed."

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