Thursday, March 10, 2011

To speak to an agent, press 3.

I have been in the perpetual nightmare that is the LA Courthouse/DMV system for over a year now.  And after automated phone calls, website floundering and multiple certified letters; my license was meant to officially be suspended on March 12.  All for a fix it ticket from almost 2 years ago.

At first, I thought, "Perfect.  A reason to take public transport.  I'll save some money on insurance.  No more parking tickets."  And then I started freaking out.

After 17 calls in a row to the DMV, I finally spoke to a very nice woman who knew of a "loop hole" in getting things expedited.  I followed all of her advice and put together a packet to send to the LA Superior Courthouse.  I also included a post-it-note that said, "I know your job is frustrating.  Thank you for what you do! [smiley face]"  It should be noted the packet also included a $10 Abstract Notice Fee.

The only way to see if my packet worked was to call the DMV everyday to see if the Courthouse had contacted the DMV.  So I did.  Everyday. For 10 days.  And today, two days before D Day, it worked!

Moral of the story:
Nice little notes work!
But, more likely:  Pay off the government if you need something done.

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