Saturday, March 12, 2011

Two wheels, please.

Sooo....the couple days of bike/train commuting proved to be pretty great.  I couldn't believe how much better it made me feel.  Not to mention the things you see/hear/smell when you're not stuck in the bubble of your car.
  • Glendale smells AMAZING.  Something is blooming there yummy.
  • Hearing the city go by is invigorating.
  • A lot of people smoke weed in Los Angeles.  In their cars, on the sidewalk, on their front porch...

And because it was so great, I'm committing to getting from Santa Monica to Santa Clarita using public transport/my bike/my legs once a week for the next two months.

It feels official if I commit to it here.  Feels like I have someone keeping me accountable.

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