Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Juror #10

I begrudgingly headed to jury duty today.  Which is funny, because I'm kind of a nerd and actually really like jury duty.  But this time around, it seemed to be getting in the way of my life, not to mention having me up at the crack of dawn.

Turns out, the day wasn't all that bad.  And because I'm a nerd, I take the whole secrecy thing pretty seriously.  So I'm not gonna share just yet.  But looks like I'm on a case starting tomorrow and I already have good little bits to share.

Just can't do it until the case is over.

So, until's a fun LA jury duty tip for ya:

If you're summoned to the 210 W Temple Courthouse and need to get to the 11th floor...go ahead and wave to the people waiting in the massive line at the floors 2-11 elevator and hop on the 12-19 elevator.  Walk down one flight of stairs...and viola! you're there in half the time.

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