Thursday, April 7, 2011

There should always be time for a deserved high five.

Per usual, I was running late to jury duty this morning.  I was literally running from the parking garage to the crosswalk and had to slow down briefly to wait for the light.

There was a little girl and her father waiting and I barely acknowledged their existence. I was adjusting my bag to prepare for a good run and I heard her say, "I lost my tooth."

The light changed and I stepped into the crosswalk but they stayed behind.  She said it again, "I lost my tooth."

Still hustling forward, I turned to see if she was talking to me. We made eye contact and she pointed at the hole in her mouth and said, "Like right now! I just lost my tooth."

I regret that I thought I didn't have time to run back and give her a high five.  Lame.  But I did smile and scream back, "That's awesome!  I hope the tooth fairy comes tonight."

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