Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I love strangers you see so often they feel like friends.

There is a father/son duo that takes their morning walk everyday through Palisades Park as I sweat my way through boot camp.  I've never eavesdropped on this 40-something dad and his adorable 3ish-year old. I usually just see them pass and think, "Wow, people in Santa Monica are beautiful. What the heck is in the water?"

Today, I thought I heard someone speaking much too loudly on their cell phone and interrupting our yoga-esque cool down.  Half-annoyed, I turned to see who the perpetrator was and realized it was my favorite little duo; no cell phone in sight.  He was praising his little boy for picking up a piece of trash in the park.

"That's like when daddy goes surfing and sees trash in the ocean.  I pick it up and put it in my wetsuit to help keep the ocean clean.  And you're doing it here to keep the park pretty.  I'm so proud of you." 

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  1. That's super rad. I play a game with my nephews at the beach where they try to see who can pick up more trash.