Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I got schooled by a preschooler last night. I can't say that I was ever an expert on dinosaurs to begin with; but are you aware they're changing all the names of the ones we used to know?! Long gone are the Pterodactyl and the Brontosaurus. The correct names are Pterosauros and Apatosaurus.

Um, I'm glad science is expanding and clarifying and making everyone smarter...but how am I supposed to remain cool in front of three-year-olds now? I wish you could have seen his face when I called the long-necked brown guy a Brontosaurus. It was as if I had called the chair we were sitting on a milkshake.

The best part was the belly laugh I got from trying to pronounce Chubutisaurus.
I'll pause and let you try.


My pronunciation quickly turned into both of us pointing at our respective rear ends and repeating, "Is it choo butt or my butt?!...ahahahahahah...Choo butt....hahahah or my butt...hahahah."

For the record, it's CHOO-boot-uh-SAWR-us. Which, had I been reading a dinosaur book to a 30-year-old could also be:

Also, for the record, this child is THREE....Three. Years. Old. And clearly smarter than this childish 30-year-old.

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