Saturday, February 13, 2010

Oh, hi.

Sometimes Los Angeles can really wear on you. It's an amazing place, but there are moments that I can't breathe in this city. Moments I want to scream or click my heels and be somewhere else. And, today, when I missed my flight to Costa Rica and was moments from a mental breakdown, all I could think was: GET ME OUT.

So I called a friend, told her to pack a bag and we did just that. We got out. As I fought holiday weekend traffic (not to mention tears) I glanced down at my newly acquired key chain* and giggled at the irony. It seemed to sway back and forth from the ignition in a nanny-nanny-boo-boo sort of way with its pretty colors and deceiving playfulness.

As if to say, "Where else can you live on the edge of everything new and exciting, hop in your car, start driving north and quickly end up in orange groves, beach biking trails and friendly conversations? And PS, where can you do that in February?!"

We hiked Ojai, we biked Ventura and we discovered Doggles (a true necessity in the lives of biking dogs).

And this girl could finally breathe.

*A tree in Agoura ate my keys a few weeks ago and I've been using our guest set.

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