Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blame It On The Rain

This morning I sat in traffic for 2 hours on the 405 freeway. And when I say sat, I mean that quite literally. We weren't moving.

Once I finally made it to my exit, I was in serious need of a coffee. So I pulled up to my favorite little drive-thru coffee joint. As I waited behind a car, I started playing with my phone and after awhile realized this was taking longer than normal. I was trying to be calm. It had been 5 minutes, not a lifetime.

There was a guy standing next to my car who had ordered as a walk-up customer. I could tell he was watching me out of the corner of his eye so I was trying not to look overly annoyed and impatient.

But apparently, I was. I put my car in reverse and was going to commit to the other side of the kiosk that had no cars. As soon as I pulled up, another car sneaked in right before me. Raar.

And clearly, the car I had originally been behind was now pulling away.
I reminded myself this was all just prolonging me having to sit at my desk, so it wasn't all bad, but I wanted out of my car.

Mr. Walk-up Guy walked past my car and tapped on my window motioning for me to roll it down.

"Don't worry, I told her you had been waiting and she's coming to take your order first."

I smiled and said thank you. And I felt a little bit lame for being huffy and puffy.

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