Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My perfect blind date would be just as resourceful.

Went on a blind date tonight and we agreed to wear silly hats. Sort of to spot each other, but mostly because, um, it's fun.

My day ended up all over the place and I left my intended silly hat at home showing up at our meeting place with 20 minutes to find a replacement hat.

I checked lost and found at the bar.
I Googled local toy shops.
Bartender suggested local hat shop.

I explained my situation to the woman behind the counter and she said, regretfully, they were sort of a serious hat shop. But she started shuffling through the shelves to see what options we had.

We decided on this lovely gem:

I'd wear it a little incorrectly and it would qualify as silly.

She handed it to me and said, "Just take it. You can borrow it and bring it back later. Just make sure it's Friday or Saturday when my boss isn't here."


I couldn't believe it. People. Are. Great.
She turned down my offer to leave her some collateral. But I insisted I'd feel better if she'd take my business card. So I handed her my LA Guerrilla Gardening card and the guy behind the counter said, "Oh! I've totally heard of this and I've been wanting to get involved. Perfect."

Perfect is right. My heart is still full of sunshine.

The blind date: He wore a brown beanie.

If you're in the market for a hat, please visit the coolest people in the world of hats.


  1. That is awesome. I once went on a blind date where we agreed to dress up - I was supposed to be a tangerine & he was supposed to be an alligator. I wore a bright orange, terrycloth, floor-length, button-up-the-front, tube-top dress, orange earrings and green shoes (ok so I was an upside-down fruit...). He wore a green jacket. FAIL.

    Way to go, committing to that hat, and huge thumbs up for fantastic, generous people. :)

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