Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Here's to dreams coming true.

My brother signed on the dotted line today.
Record deal.

Wow. Wow. Wow.

I joined the band out a bar to celebrate and spent entirely too much on beer in plastic cups and girlie shots, but ended up with a lucky dollar bill.

There was a guy at the bar making fun of the Washington Apple shots I had just paid $9 each for. He told me he was going to offer to pay for my tab, but after I ordered those, he'd changed his mind. I explained that they were very important apple shots. They were in honor of my brother signing a record deal and a reminder to stay grounded. My grandmother was
Granny Smith and we were going to put a knee on the ground (literally) and cheers to $9 LA shots and always remembering where you came from.

He paused and pulled a dollar out of his pocket.
"This will be better. Instead of me paying, you should take this dollar for luck. For you, for your brother, for the band. And next time you meet someone who needs a little luck, you should pass it on."

I don't think he realized how excited I was about this idea. He mentioned I'd probably keep it for a week and then would need a pack of gum and just get rid of it. Quite the opposite actually.

I can't wait to pass it on.


  1. Granny would be so proud and SHE was one of the most ground people there ever was. And she might've even had one with you instead of her Black Jack!

  2. that is AWESOME! congratulations to him!

  3. 只有尋常才幹,但具有不尋常恆心的人,一切皆可獲取..............................