Sunday, May 30, 2010

Go ask your father.

I was standing outside Albertson's watching everyone walk out with their charcoal and chips and hot dog buns for Memorial Day BBQs across the land. I caught myself passing judgment based on what beer people purchased and was trying to guess who would be attending their parties.

A little boy and his dad stopped at the entrance to grab a cart and as his dad lifted him into the "big" part, the little boy's eyes widened and he held tightly to the side of the cart, "Daddy..." His eyes got even bigger and his voice was almost a whisper, "Mommy doesn't let me do this."

"I know Mommy doesn't, but Daddy does!"

The little boy still seemed a little hesitant to fully enjoy his freedom. But he held on tight, braced himself and they headed towards the charcoal isle.

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