Monday, November 22, 2010

Get, that, dirt off your shoulder

Got up early this morning for a little jog around Victoria Park in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.  I've decided this part of town (and perhaps Hong Kong in general) is the Santa Monica of Asia.  People LOVE to be active.  There's your typical stuff -- tennis, soccer, jogging.  But people just like to move here.  It's pretty great.

Obviously, there's Tai Chi and I'm dying to just join a group and be the tall blonde girl in the back that doesn't belong.  But there are also various activities happening -- jumping in place, synchronized armlifts, a billion toe taps, hip thrusts, air punches, etc.  And today, my favorite was a lady that I kept passing on the trail who was briskly walking and brushing each shoulder off individually -- over and over, left then right, left then right.

You know Jay Z went to Hong Kong and was all, sick moves I'm bringing that back to the States.

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