Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sometimes, I need a little fluffing.

One of our vendors on this project is British and I adore new catch phrases -- not to mention accents -- so it's been a fun few days so far.

Every time this particular person has been working his ass off and is slowly, food deprived-ly getting annoyed, he sort of searches for compliments.  But not in an annoying or unwarranted way.  It's great actually.  And once he gets a "thanks" or "good job" (even if sarcastically), he says, "That's all I need.  Sometimes I just need a little fluffing."

I mean, who doesn't really?!  Moms can only tell you you're perfect so many times.

And, as fate would have it, I came home tonight to some feedback about a project of mine, and the comments stung a little bit.  As I read through and started to turn red and want to give up...I couldn't help but think of my Brit's request:  A little fluffing.  Even without the compliments on my own project, just repeating the phrase out loud and the thought of some potential kinder words on their way, made me feel a little bit better.  Enough to be able to close my computer and write it all off for a good night's sleep.

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