Friday, November 5, 2010

Mark As Unread

In my email inbox, I set things to unread if I still need to respond or complete a task of some sort.  Because I have a brain (and because I want to remain Carolyn Clark's friend), I use Gmail.

Those Googlites have come up with many options -- Stars, Labels, Priority Inbox, etc. -- to help you organize everything.  I appreciate the attempts in innovation to keep me organized, but lately it just stresses me out.  When I go to my inbox and see stars and bold emails in priority order, I'm reminded of all the things I haven't done yet.

Moments ago, I answered the last bold email waiting for my attention.

And, as expected, Google gives you a digital high five when you empty out those looming emails:
Woohoo! You've read all the important messages in your inbox

Guys....It feels amazing.

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