Saturday, January 1, 2011

California Girl

I had no idea the trials and tribulations iPhone users in the Midwest, Northeast,, and anywhere else that isn't approximately 70 degrees year round...have to cope with.

I went out early this morning and happened to be wearing gloves.  Now, I'm fully aware how the iPhone screen works -- with the temperature of your skin.  But as my phone started to ring and I couldn't be bothered to take off my glove, I resorted to kissing my phone in order to select the answer button...and I quickly realized how hard it must be to live in the cold.  So did the gentleman at the bus stop who watched it all go down and wasn't sure if he should laugh or shake his head in embarrassment. 

Those poor people who live in can't even answer your phone properly.  Sheesh.

Yep.  I just posted that.

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  1. i believe technically its the electrical charge of your body not the warmth