Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Full Circle

It's crazy how small Los Angeles really is.

I went to check out a prospective project for the Do Good Bus today and the woman who introduced us to the cause was planning to meet us there.

As usual, I was running late and my partner had already started chatting with her. As I walked up, they were talking about guerrilla gardening and the woman was explaining that she hadn't gardened, but that she had made seed bombs at some event.  I just smiled and sort of dismissed it; seed bombs are all over now, it didn't mean she made them with LA Guerrilla Gardening.

As we were making our introductions, a little girl - with so much hair on her head I thought she might topple over - peered around the corner.  Her face was so familiar and I couldn't take my eyes off of her.

"And that's Graciela." Her mom said.

Suddenly pictures were piecing together in my mind.  Seed bombs.  Big hair.  Cute little girl.  Event. Dancing.  Graciela.  AH HA!

I interrupted this lovely woman and said, "I'm sorry, were you guys at Park[ing] Day LA when you made seed bombs?  And did Graciela dance in the street with lots of strangers?"

She sort of sweetly rolled her eyes and said, "Yes.  I remember that exactly.  I had run in to Scoops to grab some fancy ice cream and left her dancing with you all. When I came back out, she was giving everyone a dance lesson."

I almost jumped in the air -- I couldn't believe it.  This was the little girl I had written a sunshine about 2 years ago!

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