Monday, January 17, 2011

Yay, bartenders.

Since I've been a little stir crazy, thought I'd run out to grab a bottle of wine to keep in my room and on the way decided it might be nice to have a glass of wine with real people, like in a real bar.  Not sure my cold was super excited about the idea, but I NEEDED to not be in my room.

So I went to the hotel bar (new bottle of wine now in my bag) and sat down at the bar.  Just as the bartender set my glass in front of me, I could see my bag starting to slip off the chair next to me.  I lunged to grab for it and managed to get a hold of everything in the bag except the bottle.  I watched it in slow motion as it headed toward the ground and exploded all over the place.

The bartender was very nice and refused to let me help clean up.  I felt awful.

I chatted with him over my glass of wine and as I paid my bill, he slid a new bottle of wine across the bar and told me to quickly stick it in my bag before anyone else saw.  "It's not YOUR fault our seats are slippery.  Enjoy."

So sweet.

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