Thursday, July 9, 2009


Dear Future Husband,

I know it's weird that I'm writing you letters instead of just chatting over a glass of wine, but it's just easier this way. And, come on....letters?! They're timeless and almost a thing of the past. I'm trying to hold on to that. But you know know me.

Remember that roommate thing? Well, here's another reason roommates are kind of awesome.

As per usual, I got sick right before my big event and there's no option to call in sick. Early mornings, long days, tired feet...suck it up.

And tonight, my roommate walked in the door and said, "I bought us presents. This is going to make you all better."

So we sipped on boiled Coke and Ginger Root. And, sweetheart, I feel better...I do. So I think she could live with us off and on. Ya know, when I need fashion advice and when we get sick.


Kisses and kisses,

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