Friday, July 31, 2009

Slowing down.

Doing Tennessee this week and got our first delicious taste as we were leaving the car rental place.

The nice old man taking our ticket leaned nearly all the way in the car to say hello and offer directions. I had already used my trusty iPhone to find the nearest liquor store but my mom obliged the man and asked for help.

He leaned in with his thick southern accent and said, "Well what are ya'll ladies buyin'?...and if it's whiskey, can I come too?

I felt myself get a little agitated because I wanted to go, but then I realized how nice the chatting was.

So we did. We chatted for a bit and he even told us a great joke.

(I'll paraphrase)

Married couple are getting divorced and are at their lawyer's office. The husband begins to explain some of their problems and the wife cuts him off immediately.

Husband: "SEE! This is the problem, she NEVER listens and she NEVER shuts up."

The lawyer walks straight over to the wife, grabs her and plants an amazing kiss right on her lips.

Lawyer: "See, that's what she needs. About three times a week. Promise it'll work."

Husband: "Perfect. Monday, Wednesday, Friday work for you? We'll be here."

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