Monday, July 13, 2009

Challenging position.

So wonderful to be back at yoga after missing a few in a row. However, tonight I encountered a minor challenge.

We were asked to stand in a sort of crouched position similar to a quarterback as he's waiting for the snap. Our hands were on our knees and the teacher asked us to make our stomachs visible so we could see what we were doing. He encouraged us that no one was looking and to not be scared to bare skin.

For some reason I ignored this request and continued trying to make my belly dance with my shirt still covering my stomach.

As my teacher passed by he said, "Some of you still cannot see your belly...just move your shirt!"

Sensing he was yelling at me, I slid my shirt up and moved my chin toward my chest. was literally impossible for me to see my tummy.

Clearly he's never had to squeeze his boobs into a sports bra and lean over.

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