Thursday, September 10, 2009

Butter Cream or Whipped?

I was in search of a cake today and was sort of getting the runaround. I don't have the budget to hit up some amazing bakery in LA, so I was working the Grocery Store angle.

Apparently, Vons can only make you the custom cakes they have in their little booklet. Which are quite impressive, I might add. But god forbid I want to take Shrek off the garden-looking cake.

"Nope, I'm not allowed. I just got yelled at for that yesterday."

Really?! Grocery store tape. Who knew?

I walked up to the Ralph's bakery counter and that woman couldn't say anything but YES.

Can you scan an image? Yes.
Can I get green....? Yes.
Will it be ready by....? Yes.

I made sure to tell her that Ralph's would clearly win a thumb wrestling match with Vons, any day.

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  1. And for fancy, delicious special cakes for $20, Portos!