Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Come Together

I spoke to a friend tonight about her weekend and left the conversation very inspired by people's generosity - and forgive the cliche - even at a time like this.

You may or may not know the story of the two firefighters who died last week in Southern California, but my friend most definitely does. She spent her weekend helping out at a friend's tattoo shop in Rosamond, CA that hosted a very spontaneous fundraiser for one of the firefighters who passed away, Specialist Arnie Quinones.

American Made Tattoo and Psycho City Tattoo both offered to tattoo ALL DAY Saturday and Sunday with ALL (every dime, people) proceeds benefiting Arnie's widow and their unborn child.

All said and done...they raised $25,000 over the weekend. TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS. And those numbers only reflect the money raised at American Made Tattoo.

The turnout was so huge, they were able to raise money for BOTH fallen firefighters (Arnie and Capt. Ted Hall) and both tattoo shops gave people rain checks to come back this week to get their tribute tattoos with all proceeds still benefiting the cause.

Breathtaking. Truly.


  1. Reading this gave me chills; a truly wonderful feeling

  2. This is genuinely remarkable. And inspiring. Thanks.