Monday, September 14, 2009

People can blow your mind. Or they can suck.

Had a little fundraiser tonight for Guerrilla Gardening. And I'm pretty sure my favorite part of the evening was having a random stranger show up with two large pizzas.

He'd seen our gardens before and actually works at a pizza place very close to one of them.

From what he explained, he doesn't have a car, so he made the two pizzas and convinced the delivery guy to deliver the pizzas and himself to our fundraiser. Pretty rad.

A successful evening for sure. But I also feel inclined to mention that my brother's bike (i.e. his only mode of transportation) was stripped to the bone while parked outside the bar tonight. I convinced him to come to support his sister and a project she'd put so much energy into. And, alas, bike demolished.

If you have a dollar to spare or you know someone who has bike parts to offer...I would be forever grateful. Seriously, $1 helps.

You can donate through LA Guerrilla Gardening (PayPal) and click on
"Add special instructions to the seller." -- Just add the word: MARK. More than likely, I'll recognize your name anyway...

No pressure here. AT ALL. I just couldn't help but ask.

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  1. Does your bro know about the bicycle kitchen. They will help him out for donations.
    Check them out here: