Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dirt don't hurt.

Had such an amazing weekend getting my hands dirty.
More to come on that.

But here's a little story:

We were at the Wilton & Sunset garden adding some leftover mulch from the weekend and three young boys walked by. They were all of 15 years old, laughing and pushing each other down the sidewalk. As they passed by me (on my hands and knees and gardening gloves clad), one of them sort of giggled and said, "Hey, what are you doing...heh...need any help?"

They kept walking past as I turned and said, "Yea, sure...if you want help spread mulch."

They laughed again and then one of them slowed down and headed back towards me, "You got any gloves?"

His friends sort of made fun and tried to convince him they had places to be. He shewed them away, grabbed some gloves and spread mulch with me for about 20 minutes.

GARDENING: Bringing Los Angelinos together one passer-by at a time.