Thursday, April 29, 2010


Spent my evening watching some live music at a bar with a less than happy bartender. He hardly looked at me when I ordered, wasn't amused when I tried to make him laugh and was very offended when I called the draft beer I was drinking Bud instead of PBR.

At some point, he had his back to me and I noticed he was snacking on something.
"Are those Orange Slices?!" (only one of my favs)
He turned around with one half hanging out of his mouth and just smiled.
I proceeded to tell him how they reminded me of my mom and how delicious they are.

I went on my way, danced a little longer and then came back for one more drink. After I handed over my cash, he slid the bag of candy over to me and there was one left in the bag. He didn't say a word, he just nudged the bag again and nodded his head.

Yay for candy.

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