Monday, April 12, 2010

You come here often?

I was driving down Santa Monica Blvd today sort of putting on make-up at the stoplights. I noticed the truck next to me had slowed down exactly even with me and I could feel someone staring. I looked over and the driver gave me those Roll Down Your Window I did. Thought he might need directions somewhere.

He said, "You gettin' pretty for me?"
--I just smiled.
"What time are we having dinner tonight?"
--"Mmmm, 7:15?"
"Ha, you're probably married aren't you?"
--"Nope, totally single."
"Perfect, let me get your number so I can call when I'm on my way."
--I smiled again.
We both laughed and he said, "You have a wonderful day," and drove off.

Innocent. And great. And way better than just sitting in traffic.

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