Thursday, December 23, 2010


Against some other people's suggestion, I decided to bring all the leftover cookies from my party to the airport.  Figured I'd give them out in the security line, on the tram, on the plane.

My friends thought I'd have trouble convincing people to bite (pun intended) -- but they were sorely mistaken.  I had a few people turn up their nose, but in general people were excited about cookies.  I mean, duh.

As I got on the plane, two guys in First Class spotted the cookies and said, "Oh, you brought some for everyone!"  I smiled and shrugged my shoulders, "Saawwry, only for Economy Class."  They laughed and said, "We'll send you a drink in return for a cookie."

I agreed that would be awesome and so did the woman behind me.  She butted in and said, "Seat 29F, cranberry and vodka."  I didn't bother telling them I had no idea who she was.

About half way through the flight, I went back up to First Class and offered them a cookie.  They politely declined (they were watching their figure) but wanted to make sure I got my drink.  I told them I hadn't and they said, "What?!  We sent you two.  Who the hell is just taking free drinks?"

That lady, obviously.

I went back to my seat and about 5 minutes later the flight attendant showed up with a cranberry vodka and said, "Purple shirt, blonde're in 10F...that is nowhere near 29.  And who just takes drinks for something they didn't do?  Sheesh."

Everyone wins really.  But come on lady -- come on.

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