Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Internet is so cool.

One of my favorite local LA performers, Mr. Jim Bianco, did an online "concert" from his apartment today.  It was at 3pm PST, which means I had to roll out of bed at 6:45am HK time.  So worth it though.  I put on the hotel robe, made a cup of tea and set up shop on my sahweet balcony.

There was a realtime chat for people to request songs and have typical, fan-type banter. [Jim, we love you!  When are you coming back to the UK?  Are you wearing pants, LOL!  You're so sexy.] Barf.

At some point he asked who was the furtherest away from LA.  I piped up and typed in Hong Kong.  As he was reading aloud some of the cities, he said, "Hong Kong?!  No way, you're lying.....Rebecca?"

I sort of squealed when he said my name.  Only because my username was rhpontius, not Rebecca.  HE KNEW WHO I WAS!  Probably because I've practically begged him to play every fundraiser/event/party I've ever hosted (and he's actually supported FOEF).

But still...

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