Thursday, December 9, 2010

Yeah, I don't watch The Sopranos...give me a break.

Just discovering the band Alabama3 and really enjoying them.  Thought I was all  -- Hey guys, check out this sweet UK band you've never heard of.  Then a friend (thanks, Josef) reminded me how I'm always one step behind on the music front. Meh, whatever.

First of all, really digging their music.  But also really liking what I found in their ABOUT section on their website:

And we want to make you feel good. We know you've had trouble in your life, real bad trouble. We know you've got debts. We know you've had your heart broken so many times you're still finding pieces of it in your pillow. Maybe you've done some good things in your life, maybe you've done some bad things. We forgive you. Forgive yourself. Then dress up real sexy and come and party with us sometime. We'll look after you.

That's a promise.

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