Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Boys should just bring kickboards to the bar. It would be so much easier...

I'm following the advice from a friend and typing out all of my journals. From forever. Like, since 8th grade. I decided having Facebook, Twitter and a Blog were clearly not enough resources for talking about myself. I most definitely need a searchable document of all my self-loathing and heartache and life questions and sunshines. And, hey, that's what's in -- Worshiping the Altar of Self. So I'm hip. Duh.

I'm only about 20 entries in and I'm sure there will be many gems, but this one made me smile:

Brian did something today that made me feel a little bit better. It's really stupid but that's okay. When we were walking back from the locker rooms after practice he hit me really hard with a kickboard on the butt. Like I said, really stupid, but a good sign.


  1. haha! There's nothing better than looking at old journal entries from middle school & high school to make me feel less like a messed up single girl & more like a mature grown-up type person. At least I no longer think physical assault is an accepted form of flirtation... usually. I have a similar entry about a boy smacking me with a pool cue. :)

  2. i heart the lyman swim team.