Wednesday, March 31, 2010

An Introduction

When I was committed to finding a sunshine EVERY SINGLE DAY, there were definitely cloudy days where I cursed this blog, but I always forced myself to find something semi-shiny. Recently, a good friend suggested I do a "rainy post" every once in awhile and include a little icon to warn people to skip this post if they like.

Not a bad idea.
And it gives me an opportunity to enjoy a little rant every once in awhile.

Ironically enough, I had my rant all set in my head and out of nowhere, a phone call changed my day. It goes like this:

I had a meeting in Beverly Hills and there is something about that city that reaches inside you, pulls out all of your good energy, chews it up and then spits it out on the obnoxiously clean, glistening sidewalk. Clearly, this is why everyone is skinny in Beverly Hills. Even when I sneak in and sneak out, I have a hard time escaping this energy thief.

That afternoon, I drove my cranky self to meet a friend and as I was getting out of my car, my phone rang. A familiar name popped up on the screen, but I was hesitant to answer and not in the mood to talk. I decided to pick it up and on the other end of the line was silence. I said hello a couple times and (in my head) started to curse AT&T and their shady service. Just when I was about to hang up and scream a few naughty words, a teeny little voice said, "Rebecca, I want you to come over."

It was the 3-year-old I speak of so frequently here. And, as usual, that kid made my day.


  1. now that you're used to seeing it, even when you're feeling rainy, you can't escape a little sunshine. :)

  2. 幽默並不是諷刺,它或許帶有溫和的嘲諷,卻不傷人,它可能是以別人,也可以用自己為對象。 ..................................................