Monday, March 8, 2010

[Insert sigh, head tilt, eye flutter]

I'm pretty sure my heart melted during the Oscars when Ryan Bingham leaned into the microphone to thank his wife and said, "I love you more than rainbows, baby."

I would venture to say that lots of hearts melted last night and I'm just one of many, but I'm OK with that. Words can be powerful. [And girls hearts can be mushy.]

Also, in doing my fact checking, I discovered (holy crap!) Ryan's super cute and there's actually a childrens book called I Love You More Than Rainbows.

I can't wait until I love someone more than rainbows and rice krispy treats and Sunday afternoons.

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  1. Thank you for the mention of my wife's book. We were totally caught off guard when Bingham said that line in his acceptance speech. And it was a thrill to watch it fly all over Twitter and Facebook and the blogosphere. Shows people think it's a special line, and it is. The book is even more special. It's all about how much children are loved ... more than the rarest and most beautiful and exciting things.
    Jeff Crites
    @brickandclick on Twitter
    @susancrites is the author of I Love You More Than Rainbows