Saturday, August 28, 2010

Check out those moves

I get up.
I walk.
I fall down.
Meanwhile I keep dancing.

That's been a favorite of mine for quite sometime and tonight I saw that quote in real life.

Spent the evening running around and playing games with kids at Camp Harmony.  It's an amazing week-long camp for homeless kids ranging from 7-10 years old with high school students as their counselors.

Those kids KILLED it on the dance floor.  KILLED. IT.  I watched as they challenged each other in battles, jumped around in circles, did back flips and schooled every single one of the volunteers with their sweet moves.

And they were happy.

I can't even BEGIN to imagine what their lives are like outside of this week-long camp.  But after tonight,  that quote makes even more sense to me and is the reason I live by it.  Dancing is a therapy that is truly priceless.  And those kids get it.  They just get it.

(This also reminds me of a great film, Rize, about people using dance as an alternative to gangs and a way to express emotion.  Here's the trailer.)

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  1. Pretty awesome weren't they? Geez. I felt unworthy.